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Wallis Engineering, LLC

Producing New Vehicles For The 21st Century

Wallis Engineering, LLC is the premier provider of Affordable Launch Capacity vehicles for the new age of space development and exploration. By leveraging alliances and technology that provides orders of magnitude improvement over existing Expendable Launch Vehicles (ELVs), W.E. can provide customers with vehicles that allow substantially lower transportation costs for both Point To Point cargo delivery and Low Earth Orbit insertion and release.

Some of the technological advancages W.E. can provide are:

Single Stage Design
By designing and building for single stage use, W.E. have vehicles that provide the customer with vastly simpler logistics and security. There are no parts to be jettisoned, no stages to be dropped and no components to replace each flight, providing for both vastly lower operating costs and a far wider range of launch sites than can be accomplished with the traditional stacked, disintegrating totem-pole style Expendable Launch Vehicles (ELVs). Because the whole vehicle is returned and lands after each flight, the customer doesn't have to build a new vehicle each time they want to fly something.

Rapid Vehicle Turnaround
As any airline executive will tell you, the key to profitability is keeping the aircraft in the air. W.E. accomplish this by extending the ATA "Massive Mission Model" approach for flight operations to the era of spacecraft servicability by use of onboard Vehicle Health Monitor systems, easy access panelling for ground support, hot-swap capabilities on all components and RapidLoad refueling options. Together, W.E. provide 6 hour turnaround with less than 10 "hands on" ground crew.

Rapid Flight Response
By developing exo-atmospheric vehicles at reasonable costs, W.E. can provide your transportation business with the reliability and flexability of airplanes, but the speed and opportunitites of spacecraft. No point on the surface of the Earth is more than 60 minutes flight time away and you're perfectly positioned to bid for space delivery contracts to Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

Storable Propellents
By using High Test Peroxide (HTP) and regular aviation kerocene (Jet-A), our vehicles provide the simplest and easiest fueling options on the market. Ease of fueling leads to ease of licensing and ease of operations for our customers. Any major airport, with only minor infrastructure work, can become your port of departure, or your port of call.

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